Merging architecture, design, economics, and environment… DR+A has been creating elegant, functional, and economically viable design solutions for more the 20 years. Our design efforts range from infill development plans to major planning, landscape, architecture, and design projects.

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DR+A is a full-service planning and creative services organization with a diverse portfolio of experience and expertise.  In addition, our strategic alliances and partnerships provide for full service engineering and architectural services.


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Welcome to DR+A Studio

DR+A creates integrated design solutions that provide dynamic, energetic and fiscally viable environments...

Having the innovation, creativity, and the passion for developing communities into strong, sustainable and livable places, our teams address the needs of both communities who are faced with the challenges of growth, as well as those that want to enhance their existing cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods.  We understand the complex issues that are involved in growth and development; more importantly, we understand how to work with these issues to create strong, vibrant, enduring communities.

Helping both the public and private sectors through the collaborative process of place making, we offer insight into creating pedestrian-friendly streets, mixed-use developments, housing options, valued open spaces, and transit-oriented design. It is our belief that through these efforts we can lead people to understand the benefits of aesthetically pleasing environments that provide for economic viability, healthier lifestyles, and reduced energy essence a better quality of life.

DR+A’s expertise ranges from small infill projects to large scale master plans, intimate town centers to highly visible, urban retail developments. We work with our clients in developing livable patterns for growth that provides for a diverse mix of uses, promotes accessibility, reinvests in community and provides for usable open spaces. By looking beyond a site’s physical limits and boundaries, we incorporate the numerous environmental, economic and social dynamics at play. The layering of spaces, aesthetics, fiscal goals and community needs are just a few of the factors taken into account. This approach helps our clients reach their goals of creating meaningful destinations with personality and soul that draw people back, time and again.
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