Merging architecture, design, economics, and environment… DR+A has been creating elegant, functional, and economically viable design solutions for more the 20 years. Our design efforts range from infill development plans to major planning, landscape, architecture, and design projects.

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DR+A is a full-service planning and creative services organization with a diverse portfolio of experience and expertise.  In addition, our strategic alliances and partnerships provide for full service engineering and architectural services.


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Markets & Services

DR+A is a full-service planning and creative services organization with a diverse portfolio of experience and expertise. DR+A draws upon our resources and strategic alliances to provide our clients with the most comprehensive planning, urban design, architectural and creative services available. Great places are the result of great planning and thought. DR+A creates elegant, functional, and economically viable design solutions that merge architecture, design, economics, and environment.



Planning &
Urban Design

Retail &

Mixed Use



Whether you are in New York, Beijing, or somewhere else around the globe...we all face the  issues of how we live, work and play. Elements of traffic, housing, economy, and environment effect our everyday lives. DR+A acts locally and thinks globally.

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Retail is an ever evolving format that requires a careful crafted response that incorporates design, economics, and environment. DR+A design places that foster interaction, function as that "other place" in our lives, are fiscally viable, and respond to not only the needs of today’s consumers, but are also flexible enough to adapt to changes in market..

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Mixed-use projects begin with the solid planning principles of establishing a unique "genus loci" or sense of place. The mix of users must work not only individually, but collectively as well. Balancing the needs of ground floor users with the functional requirements of upper floor users is sccomplished through our intimate knowledge of each user.  In the end , people experience a place and not just a store..

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Creating unique environments in which to live, work, play, and grow. DR+A's  residential projects span numerous typologies and construction methodologies. Our portfolio includes: low,medium, and high density urban residential, single family homes, townhomes, senior housing, and student housing. No matter the environment DR+A develops a unique sense of place and community.

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Next to the time we spend with our families, the workplace is in many cases like our  second home and family. DR+A has worked with both the public and private sectors developing unique workplace environments that respond to the specific need of end users and organizational structure.  DR+A works with our  clients  in optimizing both the physical and structural organization.

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DR+A's academic and campus planning bridges the gap between traditional design and modern functionality. We design campuses that reflect the school 's character and history. Our designs reflect the institutions's academic needs while promoting student life.  The thoughtful blending of master plan, architecture, and landscape create unique environments for years to come.

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DR+A provides a range of services from master planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and branding. We have worked with a variety of clients including: vacation home communities, timeshares, limited stay and full service hotels, resorts, spas, and convention center hotels.

From site selection to  strategic facilities planning to landscape architecture DR+A provides our clients with a range of services. DR+A works with hospitals, healthcare groups, doctors, and  developers in providing services for medical office buildings, outpatient facilities, dialysis centers, as well as hospitals and teaching facilities.

 Landscape arcitecture is at the core of DR+A's practice. We work with our clients to create enduring places and spaces that reflect the merging of architecture, design, economy,and environment. Our landscape architecture  work is integrated with our urban design practice to reflect our holistic approach to development.

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Integrated into all of our work is an eye towards sustainable design. At DR+A we move beyond the simple labels of "sustainability" and LEED design and look at our projects holistically and offer our clients a variety of options that are not only sustainable, but also fiscally viable.  



Interactive "Visioning" Workshops
Evaluation of Development Strategies
Highest and Best Use Analysis
Land Use Alternatives and Zoning Review
Property Review and Analysis
Pre-Acquisition Property Analysis
Site Development Capacity Studies
Redevelopment Alternatives
Renovation Cost Benefit Analysis
Property Disposition Strategies
Rezoning and Entitlement Coordination
Retrofit Strategy and Design
Construction Documentation


Planning & Urban Design
            City & Regional Planning
            Urban Revitalization
            Surburban Revitalization
            Master Planning
            Campus Planning
            Retail / Mixed Use Planning
            New Urbanism / TNDs
            Transit Oriented Development
            Waterfront Development

Landscape Architecture
            Site Design
            Golf Course Architecture
            Water Features

            Retail & Entertainment
            Mixed Use

Interior Design
Sustainable Design
Graphic Design